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Here at Jokanagan, we pride ourselves in providing the best, most exciting, unique, and fun tour experiences here in the Okanagan valley. At Jokanagan, we’re happy to provide you with all your tour and shuttling needs, such as event shuttling, wine tours, and brewery tours, which are available with and without live local comedians from right here in the Okanagan. Our mission statement is to be the #1 provider of all tourism activities here in the Okanagan valley by catering to any shuttling/ tour needs, and desires a customer may have, as well as ensuring a top tier experience that is unmatched by any other touring service here in the Okanagan.


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Phone: 250-801-3396

Halloween Tour.png

Halloween Party Bus Tour!

Date: October 31st 2019 7pm-2am

sip with your sweet heart.jpg

Sip With Your Sweet-Heart Event!

Date: February 8th-9th 2020, 12pm-4pm

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